Family is the foundation and heartbeat of reaching your full potential. At PCS we understand unhealthy dynamics can have an impact on the entire family system. We work with you to develop strategies for a thriving family environment.


Couples grow individually and together. At PCS our process helps couples understand and identify behaviors affecting the relationship. Our therapists work with you to develop a plan that will enhance healthy communication, boundaries, trust, and emotional intimacy.


As individuals, we face feelings and memories from our own unique histories. At PCS, we understand your uniqueness and work with you to break through personal barriers that are holding you back from who and where you want to be, therefore, experiencing more intimacy with self and others.

PCS Intensive Program

We specialize in difficult cases and have a wide range of tools to help you and your relationships achieve relief from the complications life brings. Our therapists are behavioral health professionals licensed at the doctoral or master’s level or are in training and under supervision.