Top 5 Benefits Of Staying In A Recovery Home


Attending an intensive outpatient program is one of the most exhausting and overwhelming times of an addict’s life. After living in active addiction for years, many of these individuals just don’t know what “normal” looks like. Often the only stable thing in life before recovery was chaos. During treatment, a newly recovered individual is still......

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The Most Important Relationship: Tips to Reconnect with Yourself

We are relational beings, and throughout our lives we are driven to connect – with our primary caregivers, our family and peers, nature, often a higher power, and in adulthood with partners and children. Relationships often bring joy, connection, and understanding. But I’ve noticed a primary relationship that often goes neglected. When we prioritize this......

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What is (and isn’t) Narcissism?

People often relate “narcissism” with arrogance, conceitedness, or boastfulness. It’s no surprise that it can be difficult to be in a relationship with someone who has these traits. Their partners often feel a lack of received empathy and equality. What is less known is that it can be difficult to be the person with these......

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Post Abortion Recovery

An abortion is a very personal decision, and something that we do not freely speak to others about, rather, we tend to internalize the abortion experience and what it means to us. At first, we may feel a sense of relief, but then, perhaps, some sadness may start to creep in, and we feel confused......

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Facing Fears

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, focuses on how our thoughts (cognitions), actions (behaviors), and feelings (emotions) interact with each other. It teaches that by changing one of these, the other two will also be impacted.  For example, if you change something about the way you think, you will feel differently and your behavior will be......

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Remembering and Exploring Contentment

Often in the nitty gritty of mental health, it is all too easy to get bogged down in the negative. We all want to feel better, and in order to do so we must sometimes face what has been preventing us from thriving in the first place. Because of this, when we finally begin to......

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The Definitions of Love: Video Exploration

The concept of love is one of the most commonly investigated in almost every area of life. From philosophy to scientific study, love is often defined or laid out as one thing or another. And indeed, most people develop a sincerely held vision of love as they experience their life in their own unique way.......

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Caring Communication

caring communication older couple walking

Valentine’s Day is unavoidable. Whether we like it or not, it’s success as a commercial holiday makes it a part of almost everything from the beginning of January to the actual event mid February. Some enjoy the festive atmosphere, others ignore it and make the day more personal. And of course, many have come to......

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dice spelling out love

Love.  Most have felt it, some claim to have it, yet if asked to define it (i.e., “How do you know you’re in love?”) few of us have an answer.  “I can’t explain it,” I’ve heard myself say before, “it’s just a feeling.”  “If you’re in love, you just know,” I’ve heard from others.  This......

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Healthy Hobbies

healthy hobbies hands knitting

Free time can often seem like it comes in a limited supply. Everyone has said at least once that they’d give anything for some time to relax. Often, though, it is not a matter of having time to spend on non-essential activities, but rather not wasting time procrastinating or doing nothing at all. The feeling......

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