Couples Therapy

couples therapy

Couples therapy at PCS focuses on helping couples sharpen their ability to talk, listen, resolve conflict, and manage anger effectively. Understanding the unique dance of relational reactivity between partners is critical for the growth of healthy intimacy in a coupleship. Each couple is challenged to identify ways in which they offend the relationship intimacy and......

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Develop Your Communication Skills at PCS

The ability to send and receive clear, direct messages is the foundation of good communication. PCS places a high value on teaching good communication skills and understanding communication styles. Your style of communicating (assertive, aggressive or passive-aggressive) impacts the way your messages are delivered and received and can either enhance or undermine your relationships. Whether......

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Help for Individuals Who Struggle with Codependency

Psychological Counseling Services provides hope for individuals who struggle with issues of codependency. Codependency is when a person’s sense of self comes from an external source. A codependent person relies on the approval of others to feel good about himself/herself. Codependents focus on other’s needs and feelings at the expense of her own needs in......

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Therapy for Ministry Leaders and Their Families

clergy therapy

This program is designed to facilitate the treatment and recovery of clergy families who are in deep pain. Issues which may be dealt with include burn-out, depression, challenges within family systems, challenges in working with the church system both locally and nationally, challenges in the area of addictions, including inappropriate crossing of sexual boundaries, and......

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy

CBT and exposure therapy

Effective psychological treatments do exist (APA, 1993; Roth & Fonegy, 1995). That’s the good news! Some of the treatments are known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) exposure therapy techniques. CBT is based on a five-part model which suggests that thoughts, behaviors, feelings, physiology, and environment are all connected. Shifting one of these factors can alter......

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Establishing Healthy Boundaries

borders and boundaries group therapy

Family systems are a place designed for all of us to learn, grow, and love; not all family systems teach and model healthy relationship, communication (link to communication group in services), assertiveness and boundary skills. Boundaries involve your belief system, values, morals, emotions and your life experiences. Healthy boundaries serve to define who you are,......

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Dealing with Anxiety

dealing with anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most distressing emotions that people feel. It is sometimes called fear or nervousness. The word “anxiety” describes a number of problems including phobias (fear of specific things or situations, such as heights, elevators, insects, flying in airplanes), panic attacks (intense feelings of anxiety in which people often feel like they......

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Learn to Manage Your Anger Effectively

anger management

Many individuals struggle with issues stemming from the mismanagement of anger. Such is clearly the case with people who repeatedly have problems with “bad tempers” leading to abusive behaviors at work, on the road, or at home. However, the mismanagement of anger is not only evident through acts of verbal or physical aggression. When anger......

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Overcome Your Addictions with Help From PCS

No problem in America has been more costly in daily lives, misery and money than addictions, and no problem has generated more stubborn conflict and confusion in families, friendships and business relationships. Psychological Counseling Services, Ltd. offers individualized outpatient substance abuse/addiction treatment to families and business professionals. The team of highly trained nationally recognized health......

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