A Key for Relationship Satisfaction: Emotion Skills

Emotion Skills are key for relationship satisfaction

An abundance of research demonstrates the association between emotion skills and relationship satisfaction. Emotion skills can be defined as the ability to identify, manage, and express emotions. Emotion skills offer the ability to genuinely express your emotions, identify with your partner’s emotions, and to improve one’s ability to tolerate distress. Emotions cannot damage relationships; rather,......

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Heart of Gratitude

heart of gratitude

Gratitude means having an appreciation for life in the present moment. It’s counting our blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging the abundance already here. When we are truly thankful for what we already have and content with what is – this is enough. We tend to take for granted all the good that is already......

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The Chameleon Complex

Chameleon Complex

The Chameleon Complex  |  Timothy M. Tays, PhD Many people look good but feel bad. They are chronically stressed, sad, and anxious. They are lonely in their marriages and disconnected in their relationships. They know something is wrong but have no idea what it might be. They fear, “If you really knew me, you wouldn’t......

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We humans are programmed to seek and be fulfilled by connection (e.g. to God/Higher power, with self, and to self, and with others). Unlike most other mammals (or animals in general!), we are completely dependent on that connection with a parent/caregivers for our survival not just for days, but for many years. Our basic on-going......

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As humans, “fixing” is part of our nature. We are logical, strategic, solution oriented beings that are often taught from a young age that a question always has an answer and a problem always has a fix. After all, we invented the wheel when things became to heavy to carry and found fire when we......

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Setting Boundaries

Self-esteem is partly determined by the ability to be truthful with a humble spirit in order to identify with the “realness” of who we are while gaining insight into our life story. No one can change what is unknown or denied. The transformation of our life script takes rigorous honesty, mentoring, reflection, self-care and a......

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Who’d of Thunk?

Ralph Earle Blog August 2018

45 years ago Glenda and I co-founded PCS. 60 years ago, on June 6th, we were married. Glenda is full of grace or we would not be currently married. Among the affirmations that I make daily include having gratitude for the health I do have, for my family, which includes Marcus, whom many of you......

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