We Are Infinite

Let us be brave. Let us feel so deeply that we are afraid of what we will discover. We are not finite. We are tied to the idea that who we are is connected to what we do. We believe our worth is rooted in the perception of others; that our life narrative is prewritten......

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Siblings of Children with Health Issues

When our children are struggling, or in pain, we scramble for answers, support, interventions — whatever we need to do to get them help, even more frantically when they are fighting for their lives. As adults, with all of our internal and external resources, it is still exhausting, desperate, and heart wrenching. It becomes easy......

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Everyone Struggles in Relationships. Why?

Everyone struggles in relationships

Everyone struggles in relationships, especially with their intimate partners. Some people struggle a great deal and can see patterns showing up over and over again in relationship after relationship. Why is this? What makes relationships so difficult and why do we see the same challenges showing up over and over? Recent research has looked at......

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Don’t Blame Your Parents Just Yet

Blaming parents

To some people, therapy is a “blame your parents” exercise. Once you have thoroughly dragged your parents through the dirt, you pay your money, and politely leave the office. By blaming your parents in this way, you effectively abdicate responsibility for your own life and feel better.  In reality, effective therapy is just the opposite.......

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What is the PCS Intensive Treatment Program?

What is the PCS Intensive Treatment Program

“Participating in a PCS Intensive Treatment Program is an opportunity each of us have longed for, yet avoided. In 8 days and 68 hours your story has time to unfold and be received by a team of compassionate professionals whose primary purpose is to create a safe and equally challenging environment. The treatment process involving......

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What Parents of Junior High-Aged Kids Need to Know About Vaping

What parents need to know about vaping

Vaping, which is the practice of inhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette), was declared an epidemic in youth by the U.S. Surgeon General in December 2018.  In my therapy practice, which includes specializing in children and adolescents, I have witnessed a stark rise in this behavior, especially among junior high-aged students (i.e.,......

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Allow Your Children to Fail

Allow your children to fail

Allow my children to fail? Huh? How does that make sense? Why would I not protect my children from failure? If I don’t, my children may feel sad or left out or not good enough. His or her self-esteem will be damaged. Isn’t it my job as a parent to make sure my children are......

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When Trauma Happens

In the movie Karate Kid we fondly recall the “Kid” seeking karate lessons from Mr. Miyagi, who has the Kid doing a number of house chores until he’s thoroughly annoyed and announces, “I learned plenty!?  I learned how to sand your decks, wax your car, paint your house, paint your fence.  I learned plenty!”  Finally,......

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Building Upon Stonewall

It’s 2:00 pm on the hottest day of the year and I am watching the men lay brick in the full sun, building a second story on the building next door. As I watch them labor and sweat, I am reminded, in this Pride Month, that the rights and freedoms I enjoy today—being able to......

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