Brenda Garrett – RN, MC, LPC, CSAT

Brenda Garrett

The greatest lessons of healing can arise from moments rooted in deception, betrayal, loss, grief, and suffering. These unlearned lessons offer moments in time to grow, change, heal, and transform hearts and minds. The creation of new beginnings birth opportunities for peace, love, freedom, and gratitude. Don’t lose your way with each passing day…..come walk with me and the entire PCS treatment team. I will lead as you dare to hope and journey home towards self-discovery and empowerment.

I am a registered nurse, a licensed professional counselor, a certified sex addiction counselor (CSAT), and a “senior team leader” at Psychological Counseling Services for over 20 years. I am an educator and author/co -author of articles related to sexual addiction and sex offender treatment, shame and maintaining proper boundaries.

My practice specialties vary with an expertise of treatment protocols for individuals, couples, families, and impaired professionals. I offer extensive consulting experience and monitoring services for professional licensing boards that include the Arizona State Bar and the Arizona Lawyers Members Assistance Program, Arizona State Board of Nursing, Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, and the Arizona State Board of Medical Examiners.

I facilitate the treatment of sexual misconduct and crossing sexual boundaries in the workplace for impaired/addicted professionals which provides a path towards integrity and the restoration of workplace professionalism. Relapse prevention planning in conjunction with monitoring recovery programs restore efficacy for the professional.

As a provider of both individual and group therapy I have led Women’s groups, Boundary group, and groups associated with Anger/Forgiveness and Shame. I currently facilitate a weekly Boundary group.

I remain committed to the mental health wellness of all families, couples, individuals and professionals. My devoted specialty lies with the grieving and bereavement resolution, codependency and trauma associated with sexual addiction/trauma impacting both the sex addict and partner. I support and teach assertiveness skills, boundary training and conflict management skills to promote spiritual and emotional integration. So come walk with me and the entire PCS treatment team towards healing. Your life says it can be!

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