Douglas Withrow – MDiv, LMFT, MSC, S-PSB

Douglas Withrow

Seeking help can come from a place of desperation, loneliness, feeling stuck, or from a place of strength. I know from my personal experience. I have found that it can take courage to change, whether that be owning failures, asking for forgiveness, letting go of secrets, or discovering yourself.

As a therapist, I seek to create a safe place where discovery can happen — a place to heal emotional pain, come to new understandings of “who I am,” and develop new skills for coping with life’s surprises. There are many avenues to growth. I value insight oriented work, and cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, I realize that sometimes, even though I know what I “should” or “should not” do, I do or don’t do it anyway. That can happen because emotions can create reactivity. Therefore I also do emotional mindfulness and experience work to help in emotional awareness and expression.

Since gaining my license as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I have worked with individuals and couples to explore connection and healing. I have worked with young adults on life transitions. As a Specialist in Problematic Sexual Behavior, I have helped individuals and couples address issues of infidelity, pornography, and sexual addiction. These issues can create a lot of shame, so I have work with people and have facilitated groups on shame reduction, and accepting guilt (when appropriate), with the goal of learning to be authentic.

As an Ordained Minister with a Masters of Divinity, I value the role of spirituality in the healing process. I recognize that spirituality can show itself in a variety of ways and honor it’s many expressions.

Counseling can be an avenue of healing and hope. I will join you in your process, recognizing that you bring a wealth of experience to develop and grow. I also know the importance of feeling safe in therapy and will help you find that space either with me or another therapist.

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