Marilyn Murray, M.A.

Marilyn Murray

The Murray Method

As a psychological consultant at PCS, I provide resources and guidance for Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual and Relational Health – for individuals, couples and families.

At age 44, I was a successful Scottsdale art dealer who looked like I had a perfect life – but intense, chronic physical pain was making me suicidal. However, my life changed dramatically as a result of intensive therapy, and my emotional and physical pain dissolved.

I returned to school and, as I received my degrees in psychology, I began developing a theory regarding the correlation of trauma, abuse and deprivation with addictions, other dysfunctional behaviors and physiological problems. Starting in the early 1980s I was one of the first persons to speak publicly in the media and at psychological conferences regarding abuse issues, especially sexual abuse and became a pioneer in this field.

I created and developed a theoretical treatment model entitled The Murray Method which includes the Trauma Egg, The Circles of Intimacy, The Scindo Syndrome and others. I began teaching this method in 1983 and now have students from 37 countries. This method is the one of the primary theoretical and treatment models that has been used at PCS for almost 30 years with many PCS staff members having attended The Murray Method training, including Drs. Ralph and Marcus Earle.

I was the creator of the Treatment of Trauma, Abuse and Deprivation graduate program at Ottawa University and taught my Murray Method there from 1997-2004.

Since 2002, I have lived and worked half-time in Russia with nearly 3,000 health professionals and clergy from throughout the former USSR attending my Murray Method training. I am president of the Murray Method International Center in Moscow and have been a professor at major psychological universities and institutes there. I am the author of “Prisoner of Another War” which chronicles my personal healing journey, and “The Murray Method…Creating Wholeness Beyond Trauma, Abuse, Neglect and Addiction.”

I desire to help people discover who they were designed to be – their Original Child. And to help each individual mature and grow into a Healthy Balanced Person. I also have many practical, easy-to-understand tools and techniques that have proven to be effective for couples and families who desire to break the old chains of abuse, dysfunction and addictions – and to create a new legacy of love, joy and health.

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